A revelation of the unseen energy that emanates from all things.

Inspired by unseen energy fields, Calico Wallpaper experimented with aura photography to visually portray the ethereal dimensions of energy shown in the Aura collection. Utilizing their experience in translating art process into custom printed wallpaper, Calico Wallpaper co-founders Nick and Rachel Cope translated the radiant color fields generated by aura photography into a series of digital wallpaper designs that evoke different feelings based on color psychology.

First developed by Russian electrical engineer Semyon Kirlian in the 1930s, aura photography is said to capture a person’s naturally occurring electromagnetic field, which is then represented in photographic form as glowing clouds of color that reveal the person’s aura. In modern times it is used as an esoteric diagnostic tool to capture a snapshot of one’s vivacity, therefore Calico has named each of seven color ways after the various crystals used in in balancing chakra deficiency.