Tate Dining Room and Bar on Hollywood Road

TATE Dining Room and Bar on Hong Kong’s historic Hollywood Road is the newest iteration of this Michelin Rated Restaurant by founder Chef Vicky Lau. Winner of Asia’s Best Female Chef Award in 2015, Chef Lau transforms her dreams, memories, and conceptual ideas into artful gastronomic iterations. This bar designed in collaboration with James JJ Acuna of JJA / Bespoke Architecture, is the culmination of her creative process, taking the much talked about Artful Dining experience to new heights and new directions.

Calico Wallpaper worked in collaboration with James JJ Acuna of JJA to create a custom wallpaper for their washrooms.  A custom colorway of  Night reimagined the artwork – incorporating the Chef Lau’s feminine oriented palette of whites, nudes, pinks, brass, and greens.

Photography by James John Jetel