Still / Life | Salone del Mobile 2019

During Salone del Mobile 2019, we presented Still / Life with Ladies & Gentlemen Studio and Mud Australia. Featuring site-specific gradients by Calico Wallpaper, interiors and lighting by Ladies & Gentlemen Studio, and ceramics by Mud Australia, Still / Life invited guests to experience a moment of introspection and interaction. The installation featured a series of visual-sensory vignettes weaving natural materials with original design works by the exhibitors and their creative processes. Visitors were transported to an environment rich with natural and creative energy – their senses engaged by sounds, scents, and visuals that elicit a rejuvenating sense of tranquility and inspiration.

The spatial concept for Still / Life was designed by Ladies & Gentlemen Studio founders Dylan Davis and Jean Lee, who envisioned a space that embraced a dual state of tranquility and vitality, revealing a calming yet enriching environment that opens the senses to elemental possibilities: a momentary day dream, a fond memory, or a chance conversation. The installation incorporated elements of process and materiality from the exhibitors as a means to celebrate their collective creative energy. The studio also incorporated their new lighting collection titled Myrna, a new collection that uses color, shape, and materiality to define intimate spaces through light. Embracing the naturally sinuous qualities of sheet materials, Myrnexpresses simple, sculptural gestures that add warmth and dimension to interior volumes. A selection of glass and metal versions of the series provided lighting for the Still / Life space.

Embodying a handmade craft, alongside nature-inspired colors and shapes, Mud Australia instilled the space with timeless silhouettes, harmonious materiality and organic calmness. Primarily showcasing a new series of matte porcelain objects in honor of the brand’s 25th anniversary, the presentation included a subtle color palette of ink, sand, steel, citrus, and milk. Mud Australia’s exhibition interplays with light and shade to immerse visitors in an earthy aesthetic that highlights the brand’s minimalist collection of tableware and lighting while merging timeless design with functionality.

The Aurora Collection in a custom colorway was installed and is pictured above

Photography courtesy of Lea Anouchinsky