Muse | Salone del Mobile 2019

We are excited to announce our latest collaboration with British designer Faye Toogood – Muse, an artfully composed new collection of wallpaper launching during Salone del Mobile (April 9-14). Muse explores the endless diversity and variety of womankind, forming a painterly tableau of faces with a rich array of features, poses, and expressions. Based on an original hand-painted artwork by Toogood with sweeping brushstrokes, the collection is inspired by the concept of the female muse, with colorways that honor iconic women such as Marie Curie and Coco Chanel.

Muse represents the second collaboration between Calico Wallpaper and Faye Toogood, both recognized for fusing the worlds of art and design. With a mutual interest in exploring the immersive, expressive nature of the collection, each illustration develops an individual character. The concept for Muse originated after Calico Wallpaper co-founders Nick and Rachel Cope observed an installation of Faye Toogood’s illustrations at Salone del Mobile 2018.

For Muse, a section of the detailed artwork is set against distinctive background colors to create a series of six colorways. Using Calico Wallpaper’s precise digital technology, the selection of artwork is transformed into a custom-fit mural. As a result, each installation will be unique — further highlighting the collection’s celebration of individuality that is fundamental to the design.

Muse in the colorway Simone was installed and is pictured above

Photography courtesy of Lea Anouchinsky