Lindsey Adelman Studio

Long time fan’s of Lindsay Adelman’s designs (we would go so far as to claim that she singlehandedly set off a renaissance in contemporary lighting design) Calico Wallpaper was thrilled when she ordered a set of distinctive Aurora murals for her relocated studio space in lower Manhattan.

The soft colors of Aurora in Ray were chosen to adorn a conference room, where a long table is surrounded by BDDW chairs. The pattern creates the illusion of the sun rising and setting, bringing the peace and tranquility that has inspired the space’s secondary use as a meditation room. A complimentary installation is found in the entryway, where the deep colors of Well offset a beautiful Fort Standard Range Table and Benches. The entire space is flawlessly curated, and Calico Wallpaper takes it as a tremendous compliment to be in such talented company.

Founded in 2006, Lindsey Adelman Studio’s signature aesthetic was born with the release of their very first product: the Branching Bubble chandelier, which combines the organic nature of blown glass with more rational machined components. Since then, they have explored that visual tension throughout a range of products and disciplines.

Photography by Lauren Coleman