December 10, 2018

Miami Art Zine: It’s Here: Art Basel Miami Beach 17th Edition

Thirty four exhibitions encapsulate Design Miami, composing “eleven Curio presentations representing venues from twelve countries,” according to organizers. Design trends include the use of industrial materials and processes, 3-D printing and robotics.

Founded in Brooklyn, N.Y., the artisanal Calico Wallpaper company exhibition titled “The Color and The Shape” focuses on the firm’s bespoke wallpaper envisioned by London designer Philippe Malouin in collaboration with Nick and Rachel Cope.

“The idea originated out of experiments in creating shapes by tearing paper by hand,” explains Rachel Cope, co-founder and creative director at Calico Wallpaper. “We then began to overlay the resulting organic forms to create a large-scale collage.” Materials range from from Tyvek and paper to mesh. The full collection will be available after the show.