August 24, 2017

AD: Tour the Entire Kode With Klossy Offices

Karlie Kloss for Architectural Digest
Cirrus Vapor for Karlie Kloss Klossy Calico Wallpaper
Klossy for Architectural Digest

Karlie Kloss‘s new Kode With Klossy office space received the Homepolish touch…

The “call room” — a telephone room and fitting room in one — is a small room off of the office that Kloss can use to change between events. “Since it was a small room, we decided to wallpaper the walls in a gorgeous Calico wallpaper and added curtains so Karlie could use it for fittings and getting ready for shoots,” says Rich. “This little room is so dreamy!”

Cirrus Vapor is shown above and currently installed in the “call room” at Klossy HQ