The Future Perfect for DDG

12 Warren is a new residential development that reflects the rich architectural tradition of Tribeca loft buildings. The façade is composed of bluestone quarried in the Catskill region of upstate New York that has been artfully composed, arranged and layered by developer, design architect, and builder DDG.

Curated by New York’s The Future Perfect gallery, this Fragments Bluestone installation uses pigments and minerals made from the same bluestone in Lex Pott’s monolithic furniture pieces.  Inspired both by the staggered horizon of the Blue Ridge Mountains and by Chinese landscape painting, the mural simultaneously evoked the deep layers of unearthed stone, the expanse of ongoing topography, and the ultimate intangibility of our earthly existence. The effect is rich, contemplative and textural. By pulverizing the stone excavated by Pott, Calico taps into the essence of the elements, creating a feeling that these pieces arose organically from a primordial, or perhaps even pre-time space.

Photography by Lauren Coleman