Fragments: Design Miami and The Future Perfect

In an exciting collaboration unveiled at Design Miami 2015, Calico Wallpaper joined forces with innovative Amsterdam designer Lex Pott to create an earthy and ethereal stone based installation called Fragments. Displayed at The Future Perfect’s inaugural Curio booth at the fair, Fragments showcased a series of Lex Pott’s monolithic furniture pieces situated within a complimentary custom mural designed and hand painted by Calico Wallpaper.

Pott’s distinctive pieces were crafted from Belgian bluestone and a variety of marbles—Nero Marquina, Verde Rajasthan, Rouge, Giale and Bianco Carrera—each sourced from the same quarry. Inspired by the way rocks fracture and break as they are being removed from the ground, and by the natural veining and fissures inherent in the material, Pott preserved the stone offcuts in their natural form, fusing raw edges with contrasting, highly polished glass surfaces, resulting in pieces that provocatively eclipse the boundary between organic and refined.

Drawing on the process behind these beautiful pieces, Calico designed a custom hand-painted wallpaper using pigments and minerals made from the same bluestone in Pott’s work. Using fine linen as a canvas, these pigments were applied by hand in situ by Calico’s co-founder Rachel Cope. Wearing a jumpsuit cut from the same Belgian linen as the canvas, which was gradually tinted by stray pigment in the process of painting, Rachel was fully a part of the artwork, blurring the line between process and product in a deeply immersive experience.

Inspired both by the staggered horizon of the Blue Ridge Mountains and by Chinese landscape painting, the mural simultaneously evoked the deep layers of unearthed stone, the expanse of ongoing topography, and the ultimate intangibility of our earthly existence. The effect was rich, contemplative and textural. By pulverizing the stone excavated by Pott, Calico tapped into the essence of the elements, creating a feeling that these pieces arose organically from a primordial, or perhaps even pre-time space.

The exhibition was commissioned by New York’s The Future Perfect gallery, and will travel to its Great Jones Street venue as an expanded version in January 2016. Given the fine quality of the materials used in Fragments, the series will consist exclusively of one-of-a-kind hand-painted pieces.

Photography by Lauren Coleman