Apparatus Showroom

New York based design studio Apparatus commissioned Calico Wallpaper to create a custom iteration of their Fragments mural, to be installed at their headquarters. This mural was first exhibited by The Future Perfect at Design Miami 2015 in collaboration with Dutch designer Lex Pott. Drawing on Pott’s earthy and ethereal stoned based furniture pieces, Calico designed a custom hand-painted triptych using pigments and minerals made from the same bluestone in Pott’s work. These pigments were applied by hand to fine Belgian linen panels in situ by Calico’s co-founder Rachel Cope. These three floor to ceiling panels are  inspired both by the jagged horizon of the Blue Ridge Mountains and by Chinese landscape painting and simultaneously evoke the deep layers of unearthed stone, the expanse of ongoing topography, and the ultimate intangibility of our earthly existence. The effect is atmospheric, contemplative and textural. This homage to the essence of elements is a well-appointed work of art that complements Apparatus’s aesthetic dedication to the uncommon beauty of raw materials.