Doha Show House

For the Future Perfect’s latest project in Doha, Qatar, we created several custom Aura and Aurora colorways to complement the incredible work of Chris Wolston.

Desert Monsoon, an exhibition of work by Chris Wolston presented by The Future Perfect is one of the 14 unique townhouses at the Culture Pass Club, Qatar’s first members-only arts club. Wolston’s presentation proved again that he is a prolific and original voice in the world of design, producing work that is at once playful, astute, urgent and timeless.

  • Desert Monsoon is a continuation of Wolston’s exploration into the intersections of geography, climate, resource availability, and sensual perception. Calico’s stunning gradient wallpaper served as the perfect backdrop to this ambitious and stunning activation of a remarkable space.

-Nick Baba, Designer

Photography by David Sierra courtesy of The Future Perfect