December 5, 2019

Flaunt Magazine: Swarovski | Design Miami

Swarovski has created its booth at Design Miami inspired by water and nature. Tord Boontje has carefully designed the lighting installations which will be paired with wallpaper from Calico Wallpaper. Both embrace the nature preservation theme while Conservation International showcases films at the booth. The main attraction, Swarovski, will be displaying Atelier Swarovski’s home decor, fashion jewelry, and fine jewelry. After taking their total energy usage down 29%, helping provide clean water in schools, and committing to responsible ways of business, the brand wants to celebrate the importance of our planet…

At the booth, hundreds of light drops will be hanging in the first room followed by blossom chandeliers in the second. The wallpaper will also be separated into two ideas. The first is a custom dark blue, Swarovski’s signature color (this is a custom colorway of Calico Wallpaper’s Sumi Collection). The second will be large banana leaves hand-painted in a dark green (this is from Calico Wallpaper’s Paradiso Collection).

Photography by Happy Monday