An expression of benign neglect that has worked its subtle magic.

Created in collaboration with revered designer and interior stylist Colin King, Perception and Nuance explore the subtle layers of the past to create a timeless collection for the present. Layer upon layer of markings and meaning bring Perception to life, with the absence of what once was defining a new reality of moments and memories. Generations of color and texture span centuries, evoking frescos, faded plasters, and graceful yet salvaged surfaces with stories to tell. Torn edges nod to what came before and has since been removed, renewed, and given new light and vibrancy. A muted but grounded palate borrows from yesterday while staying rooted in today.

Nuance reflects King’s former life as a dancer through a divided interplay, a waltz between texture and hue. It picks up and plays upon a duality of left-over interventions, separated narrowly by a subtle horizon line. In both collections, through each imperfection and stripped-away material, we come even more into focus, more into the present, revealing the opportunity to be part of an era-spanning narrative. There is an intrinsic beauty found in peeling paint, bare concrete, exposed plaster, rusty metal pillars, battered floors, and weathered stone, all openly accentuated. A testament to years of occupation and the ravages of time.

Perception and Nuance explore the intricate layers of the past to create a timeless collection for the present.

“I’ve always been captivated by the beauty of patina, the transformation that unfolds as objects age and decay. It’s as if objects reveal their inner truth. It’s a unique quality seen in works of art and architecture affected by the passage of time. The untouched and unrestored has a character and warmth, an effect that feels deliberately incomplete—magnificently imperfect.

At the heart of it all are subtleties and nuances that bring depth and richness to the design.”

– Colin King