An ethereal excavation of earthly fragments and timeless traces

*Please note that this wallpaper is an entirely hand-painted collection

Calico Wallpaper’s Fragments Collection was born out of a collaboration with Amsterdam-based designer Lex Pott and the Future Perfect, a design showroom in New York and San Francisco. The earthy and ethereal tones were created using hand-made pigments derived from the same Belgian Bluestone used in Pott’s distinctive collection of various stone tables. Pott’s pieces preserve stone offcuts in their natural form, fusing raw edges with contrasting, highly polished surfaces, creating sculptural furniture that is at once organic and refined.

Drawing on the process behind these striking pieces, we designed a custom painted wall-covering using pigments and minerals extracted directly from fragments of Belgian Bluestone. We reduced the stone to a fine powder, augmenting its natural hues with exquisite pigments from Germany and France. We applied the resulting “handmade paint” to linen canvas using a delicate brush. Carefully melding the stone’s inherent colors, we created a layered pattern that gradually fades from the profound grays of the earth to the elusive blues of the atmosphere. The result is a collection that is rich, contemplative and textural.

Inspired both by our memories of the staggered horizon of the Blue Ridge Mountains and by Chinese landscape painting, Fragments simultaneously evokes the deep layers of unearthed stone, the expanse of the ongoing horizon, and the ultimate intangibility of our earthly existence. By pulverizing the stone excavated by Pott, we tapped into the essence of the elements, creating a collection that feels like it arose organically from a prehistoric, or perhaps even primordial space.


Photos courtesy of Lauren Coleman