VIP Lounge for New York Fashion Week

In collaboration with Bronson Van Wyck, Calico Wallpaper created a custom installation for the VIP Lounge at New York Fashion Week, 2015. Aiming for decadence, Calico Wallpaper installed a monumental marbled mural of Night Aubergine that spanned the elegant space and surrounded the furniture with a dramatic evening aura. Accentuated by a golden ceiling and mirrored bar expertly curated by Van Wyck, the experience was completely immersive and boldly luxurious.

Event planner to the stars, Bronson Van Wyck is a partner in the family owned Van Wyck & Van Wyck—a leading environmental design, event production and experiential marketing team. Working with private, corporate and non-profit clients throughout the world, Van Wyck & Van Wyck is distinguished by its innovative designs and unsurpassed levels of service. Past and present clients include Vogue, Chanel, Dom Perignon, Warner Bros., Sotheby’s, the Whitney Museum of American Art, and The President of the United States and Mrs. Obama.

“There’s something so chic when you see someone realize that the walls that they thought were marble aren’t marble at all. It’s a total “Gotcha!” moment when they reach their hand out and realize that it’s wallpaper.” – Bronson Van Wyck

Photography Courtesy of The White Arrow