MOOD by Christofle

Calico Wallpaper’s Aurora collection was unveiled alongside Tomáš Gabzdil Libertíny’s Thousand Years (2014) as part of a new exhibition at Christofle’s Paris showroom.

Arranged on rectangular panels in variety of sizes and colorways, the gradient Aurora designs will be placed throughout the room to complement Libertíny’s large teapot-shaped sculpture, which was created from beeswax and is part of the Christofle permanent collection.

In a second salon at Christofle, Calico Wallpaper will debut a custom version of their Aurora Bayou design with an inverted gradient, which progressively lightens in color as the design moves down the wall.

“We are very excited to show our designs for the first time in Paris with Christofle and Elizabeth Leriche, and to be showcased alongside such esteemed designers at Tomas Libertíny and Michael Anasstassiades,” says Nick Cope, co-founder of Calico Wallpaper. “Not only are we bringing Aurora and Inverted Spaces to new audiences, we are continuing to use custom Calico Wallpaper designs to create site-specific installations at key moments in the design calendar.”