Collective Design Fair 2017

Calico Wallpaper is proud to present the US debut of the Woodlands, Fields, Moors and Mira & Miloš Collections at Collective Design Fair 2017. These collections were made in collaboration with Faye Toogood and Ana Kraš (respectively) and show the wide range of artistic skills at the focal point of design right now, and their interpretations of modern wall coverings. Collective also marks the official first showing of the Moors, Vetar, and Tvid colorways. We invite you to see the wallpapers in person to get the full experience at Collective Design Fair which runs from Wednesday, May 3 – Sunday, May 7 at the Skylight Clarkson Square.

Woodlands, Fields, Moors Moors and Mira & Miloš Vetar and Tvid were on display at

Collective Design Fair
Skylight Clarkson Square
550 Washington St
New York, NY

Photography by Adam Ryder