Collective Design Fair 2016

Calico Wallpaper is proud to debut our new collection Satori at Collective Design Fair. This collection was inspired by the craft of Kintsugi, which was developed over 500 years ago in Japan. Kintsugi is the traditional art of Japanese pottery repair. Using lacquer mixed with powdered gold, silver, or platinum to create flowing metallic lines, the Kintsugi practice turns a crack or break into a detail to be showcased rather than disguised. This gorgeous historical method inspired a wallpaper collection that is elegant yet bod, and was constructed using a combination of hand-applied artwork mixed with luxurious metallic leaf and innovative digital technologies. The name Satori comes from a Japanese Buddhist expression, meaning an exploration of one’s true nature as a vehicle for ascension to a higher plane.

Satori Fir, Zenith, and Plateau were on display from May 4 – 8 2016 at Collective Design Fair.