Calico Wallpaper x Print All Over Me x Swords-Smith

In collaboration with digital fashion platform Print All Over Me, Calico Wallpaper has transformed wallpaper into wearable form. The limited-edition capsule collection is being sold exclusively by the Brooklyn concept shop Swords-Smith where founders Briana Swords and R Smith were integral in developing the concept. “I loved Calico’s wallpaper,” Swords says. “Every time I saw it, I thought to myself, ‘I would love this on a dress.’”

In the stunning collection, Calico Wallpaper’s Night and Aurora styles lend their patterns to a selection of classically cut clothes, the bold colors balancing perfectly with the clothing’s simple lines. The collection consists of a series of gradient shirts, flowing dresses, bold jumpsuits, silk scarves, kimono-style coats, stand-out tees and striking sweatshirts. The patterns have also been translated to great effect to accessories and home goods, creating a beautiful and unique collection of marbled throw pillows, tote bags and candles.

An accompanying wallpaper installation at Swords-Smith allows customers to don the matching clothing and disappear chameleon-like into the backdrops, with this incredibly chic camouflage turning the dressing room into a playful and immersive space. The launch of the collection and installation caught the attention of T Magazine, who ran a piece called “Clothes That Match the Wallpaper.”

The collection is available for a limited time in store and online at