June 21, 2017

Departures Magazine: The Art of Acquisition: Feeling Torn

Feeling Torn
Enjoy a bit of white space? Then you’re probably a fan of the New York studio Snarkitecture. Since founding it in 2008, Daniel Arsham and Alex Mustonen have created installations, sculptures, and furniture that draw careful lines of connection between design, art, and architecture – rarely using any color… Their latest pushes ephemerality to a new level: a design for another young practice, Calico Wallpaper. Part of Calico’s series of collaborations with progressive designers, Snarkitecture’s Topographies collection (a riff on the traditional landscape mural) consits of layers of hand-torn paper that were photographed and digitally printed onto customizable, made-to-order panels.

Topographies Winter is shown above, held up by Snarkitecture partners Daniel Arsham and Alex Mustonen (left to right).